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Juvederm Treatments

Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm Ultra is a breakthrough dermal filler offering a non-surgical route to youthful facial aesthetics. It targets the aging causes—volume loss and decreased skin elasticity—by replenishing the skin's diminished hyaluronic acid, smoothing wrinkles and restoring facial volume. A professional conducts a facial analysis to customize the treatment to your needs.

Juvederm Ultra is then injected into identified areas, filling wrinkles instantly. Its lidocaine content ensures a virtually painless process. Notably, Juvederm Ultra provides long-lasting results, with visible improvements immediately post-treatment, and full results generally visible within two weeks. The effects usually last between six months to a year, allowing for an extended period of renewed youthfulness with minimal upkeep.

Juvederm Ultra Plus

Juvederm Ultra Plus stands out with its robust formulation designed for deeper lines and pronounced volume loss. Its viscous consistency allows for effective treatment of severe facial wrinkles by being injected into deeper skin layers. A key component is Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, ensuring a comfortable treatment process with most patients reporting only slight discomfort.

The treatment provides immediate, natural-looking results. Wrinkles smooth out instantly, providing a visible lift and youthful fullness to the face. Under the guidance of skilled aestheticians, the outcome is a revitalized complexion radiating vibrancy.


Volbella is an FDA-approved, revolutionary treatment designed to enhance lip volume and smooth lipstick lines, delivering a youthful appearance. Its formulation, a slow-degrading, soft gel containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid, ensures a natural look and long-lasting results. The treatment is comfortable due to the inclusion of Lidocaine, and the session typically lasts less than an hour, with results visible almost immediately and minimal recovery time. Side effects are temporary and mild. As a thoroughly tested and safe procedure, Volbella is a worthy investment towards a confident, revitalized self-image.


Voluma, a hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel, specifically addresses lost facial volume - a common sign of aging. It replenishes lost skin elasticity and firmness, correcting wrinkles and gauntness without surgery. The procedure, less than an hour long, involves Voluma's deep injection into the face, enabling the lifting and contouring of features. With immediate results that last up to two years, Voluma provides a youthful countenance by enhancing existing features without drastic changes. As an FDA-approved treatment, it ensures safety with mild, temporary side effects and no post-treatment downtime.


Vollure, an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler, innovates aesthetic enhancements. Powered by Vycross technology, it treats moderate to severe facial wrinkles, adapting to facial movements for a natural look. A preliminary consultation precedes injections into target facial areas, instantly adding volume and filling wrinkles. Distinguished by its longevity, Vollure's effects last up to 18 months, outlasting most fillers. It's a quick procedure with minimal downtime. Results include restored volume, smooth lines and enhanced face contours, maintaining natural expressions. Despite potential minor side effects, Vollure is safe, tested, and effective, promising a notable transformation.

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